My booth at an Outdoor Art Show

My booth at an Outdoor Art Show
The best part of an outdoor show is meeting you. If you read my blog, be sure to say Hi to me.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Watercolor Flower Lessons

For three days, we spent painting flowers with different fresh cut flowers in our room.  We had roses, daisies, peonies, and more roses.  I tried to paint daisies the first today and found that hard with out a background.
However, it was important to try and see if I could paint the daisies.  Daisies are easy to paint outdoors with a green background, but with this attempt in the studio, it was difficult.

The second day I tried to paint roses. In this case Our instructor, Carolyn Anderson, was a big help as she would review our work and give us suggestions.   In this picture, you can see how a leaf was added to the bottom to add some interest and a little different color to the arrangement. I changed the value and color in some of the roses to provide some variety.  

New Flower Paintings

A few weeks ago just before we went to Ocean city New Jersey on vacation with our family, I completed a three day course in painting flowers in watercolor.  I used some roses that you see here.  I also used some pink peonies and then some other red roses.  Each day I painted but it wasn't until our teacher spent time each day to critique our paintings that