My booth at an Outdoor Art Show

My booth at an Outdoor Art Show
The best part of an outdoor show is meeting you. If you read my blog, be sure to say Hi to me.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Each year before a show or plein air event, I spend days getting ready  For the Chadds Ford show, we spent time selecting the original watercolors, the giclees reproductions to be just matted or framed, printing some new giclees and even painting some new small watercolors.

The experience of painting at the Kuerner Farm over the past year gave me the opportunity to sit outside and paint on the iconic farmstead sitting in the same grass or the driveway where Andrew Wyeth painted.  Here is where I sat to paint a watercolor that will be in the show call "Anna's Gate" named after Karl Kuerner III's grandmother.

Then we put up a screen in our home so I can judge where to put the paintings and how many I can bring.  Sometimes this takes awhile as we want to pick the paintings that fit the Chester county area and yet enough variety to ensure people v the opportunity to pick up a small $ 20 reproduction or an original for from $ 40 to $ 475. So if you stop by be sure to tell me you saw this blog.  

So here is a view of how we set up a screen in our home to figure out how many paintings to bring and how to hand them.  You can see "Anna's Gate" on the top of the screen.  This year we have a great selection of originals and framed prints.  

This past week I found an older photo of one of the first times we exhibited my paintings at a show.  It was at the Granite Run Mall and I made my display with peg board.  This was photo is of the third year I exhibited and see if you know the year?   My son Mark was looking through my small box of matted Christmas cards.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Just returned from a vacation in Florida and are back to snow...what is happening.  I thought we would have missed this weather.
Just working on my list of paintings for this show coming up in two weeks.  I will have some of my original watercolors painted en plein air at the Kuerner farm.  Here is ANNA'S GATE that I painted sitting in front of the farmhouse.  This plein air watercolor was my newest and last painting from my time at the Kuerner farm this past fall.

I have a number of other watercolors of all sizes from 5 x 7 to 22 x 27.  I have included a number of new reproductions, giclees and small matter watercolors.

Here is "A barrel of Geraniums" small 5 x 7 original watercolor that you can take home.

So come out on the free Friday night opening with all types of snacks and say hello.  Hope you can make it and that the snow disappears.  Bruce

Friday, January 23, 2015


I HAVE TO SHARE NOW THAT I HAVE CAUGHT MY BREATH ABOT THIS PAST OCTOBER.   It was one of the busiest months I have every had working with watercolors.

Let me start with the exciting time I had spending every Tuesday back on the Kuerner Farm where Andrew Wyeth walked, sketched, painted and shared in the lives of the Kuerner family.  For 8 weeks at 11:00 am I was painting watercolors on site with Karl Kuerner III sharing his stories and most important his suggestions that have helped me improve my painting.  AS hawks screeched overhead in the blue skies and slight breezes, I could only imagine how Andrew Wyeth felt sitting here painting.  Here are several photos of views for me to try to do in a larger scale.

During October,  had 16 paintings at Christopher's Restaurant in Wayne, PA  for the month.  They have a great brick wall on one side where they  hung the paintings.  I had great exposure.

Brandywine Plein Air This was my second year in this prestigious show.  It took place starting October 20th allowing us to paint at 10 different locations in the Chester County - Northern Delaware area.  Some neat places including some private homes.  Then the paintings were in a show Friday the 24th to the 26th.  We had ordered new frames and spacers so the watercolors are right behind the glass not touching it.  I was excited that I sold two paintings and have some left over that are for sale at the Malvern Retreat House show and will be for sale at the Chadd's Ford Art Show.

This was one of the locations where I prepared a small sketch completed that helped me be paint the Abiah Taylor house.

OCEAN CITY BLOCK PARTY   This one took place in Ocean City  on October 11th with only our sweatshirts with my photo on it and Jan had some great new additions with some new OC bags with a bike on it.  However, because it rained I could not show any watercolors.

DILWORTHTOWN WINE AND CHEESE PARTY  On October 12th, we participated in this event selling originals and reproductions, as well as some new giclees.  We also met many new people and that resulted in several new commissions of local sites.
So in February and March of this year I will be back with two shows with originals and reproductions from $ 15 to $ 500 so if you are looking for two great shows, come on out.   And for sure tell me if you read my blog.


Getting ready for the Malvern Art Show I have completed all but two watercolors.  This Breath of Spring is a small framed watercolor.  Come on over and pick it up.  
I will be at the show on Friday evening.  We are hoping it will be dry and there will be plenty of time for you to see the paintings.  So come on by and BUY to support the Malvern Retreat House and the artists.

Friday, January 16, 2015


I have almost completed all my new small original watercolors for the Malvern Show and here is one.     This is the lighthouse at Owl's Head in Maine.
First here is the show information.The Reception is Friday, February  6: 5pm to 8pm (Free Admission)    I am usually there for several hours.
The Malvern Retreat House is the beneficiary receiving 35% of all sales and no Pa Sales Tax
Dates:      Wednesday, February 4 - Sunday, February 8
Times:     Wednesday - Saturday: 10am to 7pm,  Sunday: 10am to 4pm
             for more information go to:

I post on my Facebook site copies of the small watercolors................
so go to  Bruce-Poulterer-Watercolors

 This small watercolor along with 14 others is ready for your home and if you like my bruce poulterer watercolor page on Facebook each day or so , you will see more as I post other paintings.   Have a Blessed day.  Bruce