My booth at an Outdoor Art Show

My booth at an Outdoor Art Show
The best part of an outdoor show is meeting you. If you read my blog, be sure to say Hi to me.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Andrew Wyeth Reminds Me of God

This will take you to my daughter's post where she shares some interesting thoughts about Andrew Wyeth, so check it out.......

I love the amazing and profoundly unique, Andrew Wyeth. Though he died only a few years ago, his presence will always be palpable to those of us who love his paintings and who grew up driving the same roads and observing  go to

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Cruise Memory

This sketch is of the Florence and the Ponte Vecchi bridge which is a street with shops on both sides that crosses the Arno River.  It was originally shops for butchers but due to the stink created by the butchering , they were replaced by Goldsmiths and jewelers.  As we visited Florence, we saw many neat streets, churches and incredible statues.  
 This is the photo I took of the bridge in the late morning as we went to the square.  Fortunately I had my Ipad with me and was able to download the photos onto the Ipad.  Then I sketched from the Ipad once we were back on the ship.  

Of course this is also one city where I think I can say I had my favorite gelati -  dark chocolate and hazelnut.   It was located on a back alley near the Domo Basilica and actually required getting a second gelati later in the afternoon.



Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Cruise full of Memories ....and potential paintings

We just returned from a cruise to the Mediterranean visiting two towns in Croatia, Venice, Rome, Naples, Florence and the Amalfi coast, Aix en Provence, France and Barcelona.  What a great time we had with friends and the sights we saw were amazing.  I made a few sketches while we traveled and took over 1,000 photos.  There were plenty of great sights that will be future paintings.  The hard decision will be what to do first!

On the Grand Canal 
Here is the view from our restaurant during lunch in Venice.  We ate across from the Grand Canal so with a few minutes to spare before they brought our pizza, I sketched this scene.   The boat is called a Vaporriti or a water bus.  We used that to ride around Venice over the 36 hours we were there.  

Here is one scene I have sketched and will surely be a painting..

I am painting watercolors for a show in Media in September that will only be originals so I have to get off the computer and get busy.  I hope to have a few new watercolors from our trip and hope to see you    on September 22nd in Media.