My booth at an Outdoor Art Show

My booth at an Outdoor Art Show
The best part of an outdoor show is meeting you. If you read my blog, be sure to say Hi to me.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


DECEMBER 6TH was my best one day show at a local High School in a number of years.  I had a whole rack of paintings I put on sale once a year to clear out so the next year I can paint more paintings.  Thank you to all who came out.

Sold two and many others.
I still have a few left so if you are looking for a special Christmas gift I have
5 x 7 small framed prints for $ 15 and up to just prints like my Gate of Thanksgiving.
Matted this fits s 16 x 20 frame and is $ 25 
So if you missed the show and need a special gift, go to my Facebook site
 and contact me.

Right now I am getting ready for Christmas and painting more small watercolors for the next two shows.
Have a Blessed Christmas......Bruce

Thursday, December 4, 2014


It has been an unbelievable year as I have gone through 8 weeks of painting every Tuesday at the Kuerner Farm in Chadds Ford where Andrew Wyeth painted under the watchful eye of Karl Kuerner III.  He pushed me to paint bolder and really add darks and lights to my paintings.

If you want to get real timely information and see my paintings as they happen, like me on Facebook as

This is Anna's porch at the front of the Kuerner farm.  
It was great to have  Karl;s input to help this become more than just a painting but rather take on the character of Anna's porch.

Brandywine Valley Plein Air

This is the Haskell barn at their farm on Creek Road in Chadds Ford

This is the spring house and ice house on a private farm off of Ridge Road in Chadds Ford

This is what was the ice house at the Haskell farm and is now a guest house

This is the Abyth Taylor home and barn near the Stroud preserve off Strasburg Road.

Next I completed my second year with the Brandywine Valley Plein Air painting 6 watercolors and framing them in 4 days.   I had to have the watercolor paper cut and ordered the frames and glass so I would be ready for a scene that caught my eye to paint.  There so many fantastic locations that I was overwhelmed with historic buildings such as the Abythe Taylor House at the Stroud Preserve, the Haskell Farm and several other private homes that were open for us to paint.

So I now have 8 new plein air paintings......well did have two were sold at the Brandywine Valley Plein Air Gala at Winterthur and then I have a show in early December and then the Malvern Retreat House show and the Chadds Ford Elementary School art show.

So I am working on 15 small watercolors for the Malvern show in late January as well as four large paintings.   Have a Blessed Christmas and healthy New Year.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer is Over

Trying to get back to painting after our vacation in Colorado and competing many plein air paintings at the Kuerner farm.    If you follow me on Facebook you will see many of my new watercolors.

Here are my fall activities just to let keep you up to date.

Starting September 23rd, I will be back painting at the Kuerner farm where I will be with Karl Kuerner listening to his suggestions and advice.  Remember this is the farm Andrew Wyeth visited and painted for over 70 years.

Come to Christopher's Restaurant in Wayne the month of October to see about 15 of my watercolors and limited edition reproductions. This will be there for the whole month.

October 11th I will be at the Ocean City Block party near the Tabernacle with my paintings and Jan's sweatshirts. The show is from 9:00 to 5:00 pm in Ocean City new Jersey

 The next day we will be at the Dilworthtown Wine and Cheese party to benefit the Chester County Hospital.  That is located at the Dilworthtown Inn, 1390 Old Wilmington Pike
West Chester, PA.  That is from noon to 4:00 pm

Next I have been accepted into the Brandywine Plein Air juried challenge that will take place the third week in October.   I am not sure where we will be painting, but for certain around Chester County and that area.  The show will be October 19th to 21st but do not know the location yet.

So with many new plain air paintings, I have been working on a new frame for them using a acid free buffer and just the watercolor paper backed by acid free backing.  They look great.  So hope you can come to one of my events in the next two months.
We are talking about an open house in November with jan's sweatshirts, my paintings and Kim's South  Hill Design Jewelry.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Painting at Kuerners

 Last week I went to Kuerner's Farm to sketch and paint but the weather changed my mind.  We saw a lightening bolt hit the transformer out front with a huge flash of light and loud bang.
We hoped in the cars just as the wind about blew us away and the rain came down in buckets.  After about 15 minutes is slowed down so we were able to take photos but really could not paint.  
But I have finished 4 watercolors and have 2 more almost finished plus about 6 sketches.
Here is a photo of the incoming storm before it hit.

Here is my watercolor of the front porch I just completed that Andrew Wyeth and our teacher, Karl Kuerner painted.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Painting in the Footsteps of Andrew Wyeth at the Keurner Farm

What an experience I have been having these past few weeks.  For eight weeks, 5 of us have been allowed to walk the special grounds of the Keurner Farm in Chadd's Ford sketching drawing, painting and just taking in the sounds and smells of the farm.  For me it will be one of those highlight moments in my painting career.  You will always remember those times in your art life when you met a well known artist, won a prize, have a one man art show or was accepted in a well known juried art show.  I have been blessed to have had a number of those including meeting Andrew Wyeth myself at the Brandywine Museum or having Carolyn Blish come to our home for dinner and then visit her studio.
This is the Kuerner Farm springhouse just off the driveway.

Well these past few weeks, I have had the privilege to paint on the Kuerner Farm and that will always be one of those unforgettable memories in my painting life.  To walk and sit where the best watercolor artist of my day see the locations and sit there to paint my idea of this location has been awesome.  And the other very special aspect is to have Karl Keurner III guide us and help us develop my watercolor skills.  He has given me or rather helped push my painting to a new level.  His stories of the Keurner farm, his parents and grandparents, the Wyeth connection and learning how the farm was a treasure trove of valuable paintings, sketches and drawing has been .....well incredible.

Here are some photos of my first drawings and painting of the spring house so often painted by Andrew Wyeth as his footsteps took him up the hills and down.

Here you see my partially completed watercolor of the spring house
 taken from the vantage point where I was painting 
Then here is the finished watercolor still on my easel.  

This represents my work from the first evening of painting
on the farm and the beginning of trying to select from all the 1,000 different possibilities. What a fantastic experience.  And thanks to Karl for suggesting that I push myself and try to be more "explosive in my colors" and that helped this watercolor be so dynamic.   And thanks to Karl for allowing us the privilege to paint his farm, hear his memories and experience the atmosphere of Andrew Wyeth's footsteps.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


MAY 3RD is the SPRING Block party in Ocean City.  I have many new paintings and will also have the sweat shirts with my photo on them both in white and Navy Blue with hoods. Look for us at the ocean side at the Tabernacle grounds.  

This is a photo of my booth and will be looking for you to come by....hope we have good weather as last fall it was rained out.  


I am excited.  This Saturday, I will be going to the Kuerner Farm that Andrew Wyeth painted and sketched so frequently.  We will have the morning to paint and sketch all over the farm.  Here is a photo I took when I toured the farm awhile ago.
I will bring my sketch book and some watercolor paper and sketch and hopefully have an opportunity to paint.  So look for some new paintings based on my walk around this famous farm. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chadd's Ford Elementary School Art Show

At this year's show, I will have several new original watercolors---some painted just for this show.  Also many new giclees in 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 sizes both framed or matted.
Here are some of the images in these new sizes:
           Flowers at Clines Farm in North Carolina
Summer Flower Basket

Summer Breezes

Sycamore Mills Rest Stop

                East Farms at Winterthur

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Well just returned from two weeks in warmer weather and expected the snow to be gone but I was surprised to find it hanging around.

Working on my paintings for Chadd's Ford show. I have some new smaller reproductions that will be framed and matted for this show.  In addition I will have several new watercolors and some smaller originals.  So stop by and see me.  I will be there from 7:00 to about 9:30 on Friday and from 11:00 to 4:0 on Saturday.  If you catch me I will personalize any reproduction.

The show is on Friday evening from 7:00 to 10:00 pm with great food and of course great art.  I donated a framed reproduction so take a chance on it to benefit the school.
Saturday will be opening at 10:00 to 4:00 pm.  A special treat is the talk to be given by Victoria Wyeth at 11:00 am with a very informative talking about her grandfather.  So do not miss that.  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Malvern Retreat house Art Show

Not sure if you made it to this show but thanks to those who did an purchased seven different pieces of art.  I was there on Friday afternoon and did personalize one of my limited edition reproductions that is always a treat for me to do.  We had to pick up all the paintings left over on Sunday evening due to a potential snowfall and we all know what happened after that.

Next is the Chadd's Ford Elementary School At show.  Normally I am at the show on Friday evening when they have the catered Open House that is FREE.  That means you get first shot at the paintings and with my originals ...well there is only one of each. I will also be there on Saturday afternoon.
My largest watercolor will be "Victorian Cape May - Stockton Place" that has 8 homes all built about the same time for $50,000.  Also will have a number of small originals and framed giclees and limited edition reproductions.

Here is one of the new originals.  This is called " Window at Olson's" based on a trip we took this summer to Maine visiting the Olson farm.  This is the site of the famous Andrew Wyeth painting - " Christina's World"   Mine is based on a photo and sketch I made of the upstairs room with a flower bouquet on the window sill.

We spent about a week here taking photos, sketching and learning about the special role this played in Andrew Wyeth's life.

Oh be aware that Victoria Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth's only granddaughter,  will be at the Chadd's Ford show on Saturday morning to share about her DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS opportunity to hear about how special he was to her as a grandfather!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Malvern Retreat House Art Show

I am ready to deliver my paintings on Sunday for this show that starts in about one week on January 29th.
I have been working on 15 small paintings most of them under $100 so they affordable.  There is a selection of still life paintings, historic locations and flowers. I also have added some new watercolors to my portfolio along with my limited edition reproductions and giclees.

The show is quite large and has paintings up and down the walls so it is packed with many paintings.  Last year we went to the Open House which is on Friday evening from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and will be there again on Friday evening.

Here is a sample of one of the new miniature watercolors in an 8 x 10 frame.  Remember the show opens on Wednesday, January 29th and once the original are gone that limits your selection.