My booth at an Outdoor Art Show

My booth at an Outdoor Art Show
The best part of an outdoor show is meeting you. If you read my blog, be sure to say Hi to me.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summer Garden Series Painting sold at Wayne Art Center

This summer my daughter and I went out to a home on Garret Mill Road to paint.  While she spent the time taking photos of the old barn, surrounding area and animals.  I picked a shady spot and drew the barn and then painted it.  Dawn came over after she was finishing taking photos and did some sketching and did a great if I can get her to paint more.

We spent the morning there and just enjoyed the chickens and Guinea hens walking around us as we painted listening the sheep in the barn.  Here is the painting I completed.  Here is a photo of the barn.  Below it is the only photo I have of the partially completed painting as I took it to the Wayne Art Center for a show in late September.  This was a show of all the paintings different artist completed this summer.   And IT WAS SOLD!!!!!!!!

I am thankful for the ability to paint and sell what I paint.

I was excited because when I first started to paint "PLEIN AIR" it took me all day to complete a painting.  I would first start by doing a sketch and complete a watercolor study that usually took me all morning trying to get the right colors and proportions.  Then I would complete a painting in the afternoon.  Now I am doing he sketch right on the watercolor paper and instead of a study, I start the finished painting.  This is more practical and I can finish a painting in a shorter period of time watching the weather and sky and shadows.   

I have the following coming up shortly.  The OCEAN CITY BLOCK PARTY is October 12th with originals and prints......on the block where the Tabernacle is located on the Tabernacle side!!

October 20th to 27th will be the BRANDYWINE PLEIN AIR that I am in for the first year with a show the end of the week at the Winterthur Visitors Center.   I am looking forward to this.

In November I will be back at the PennCrest High School Christmas sale and that usually means clearly out specials for the winter.

This winter in February and March, I have two big shows that  I have been painting for over the past several months.  I have some new originals including a lighthouse and some barns from our trip to New England.

Any questions send me an email or check out my FACEBOOK PAGE............Bruce

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